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ADA terminates relationship with liquidation company Overstocker, following complaints

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The ADA is no longer accepting advertising from or conducting any business with liquidation company Overstocker after receiving multiple complaints from dentists alleging unfulfilled orders, unauthorized credit card transactions and limited or no customer assistance from the company.

The Association is advising members not to place further orders with Overstocker.

Members who have already ordered products from the company should contact their credit card companies to dispute charges if they have not received orders or notice unauthorized charges.

The ADA is committed to following up on every complaint it receives and will notify the appropriate authorities regarding this matter. Overstocker has advertised for less than one year via Vendor Showcase, an ADA e-publication offering promotions and discounts for members. As noted in each issue of Vendor Showcase, products advertised are not endorsed by the ADA.

Members experiencing issues with Overstocker can report their experiences to the Better Business Bureau at as well as the Federal Trade Commission at