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Dentists Urge Board of Dentistry not to Create Barrier to Treatment for Pediatric Patients

In response to a motion from the Virginia Board of Dentistry that would include, “setting an age range for requiring sedation and treatment of young children to be performed in a hospital setting,” the Virginia Dental Association, the Virginia Academy of Pediatric Dentistry, and the Virginia Society of Oral and Maxillofacial Surgeons sent letters to the Board warning them of the adverse impact on access to oral healthcare such an action could create. 

The VDA letter reads, in part, “Our foremost concern is that many pediatric dental patients have special health care needs and/or are from lower income families who are on Medicaid or have no medical coverage and are, therefore, denied treatment at hospitals. These children would be adversely impacted if this restriction were to be imposed. If the Board were to enforce an age restriction for the delivery of anesthesia in a dental office, it would inhibit access to care for a particularly vulnerable population of children.”

Read the full letters sent from the VDA, VAPDVSOMS and Virginia Dentist Anesthesiologists to the Board of Dentistry. 

The Board of Dentistry has not yet proposed a new regulation, and the VDA will continue to work collaboratively with other dental associations to engage on this issue and ensure that any new regulations don’t hinder access to oral healthcare services.

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